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We believe art is a pure and celebratory escape - in its creation by human hand, the experience of being 'wowed' and its ability to transport you back to moments and places in time

Our Posters and Prints are proudly tangible expressions of love for movies, characters, games, directors and more. They're officially licensed, giving them a marque in the the history of your favourite fandom. A limited piece to display, share and cherish.  Fandom, made tangible. 


The name 'Moor-Art'?  It's not a spelling mistake...honest. Just a play on words. It's taken from the beautiful 'Moorland' area near Greater Manchester, UK. Home to one of our founders.

Since forming in 2020, we've worked directly with companies such as SEGA and HASBRO to create what's best described as 'cool stuff';  Exclusive Posters, Anniversary Art, Apparel and Retouched Classics, printed by the best print shops in the UK, France and USA.  Our art prints are museum-grade and archival - printed on a range of exciting papers that glimmer, transfix and demand to be touched. 

Most releases are hand-numbered Limited Editions - Once printed and sold out, that's it - they won't be available again! This makes them rare, very desirable, collectible and maybe a good investment.  Some of our Sold Out posters are fetching hundreds on eBay.

For details on what sets us apart, plus other information in preparation for an order, see our FAQ section.


Each piece in our store is created by an artist who is a fan themselves. A lot of love and care is poured into every piece you'll find on our site.  We set out to make what fans want...because are fans ourselves.

Moor-Art is now owned and run by artists too! - with an upgraded HQ, plus in-house packing and shipping to ensure prints arrive in pristine shape. Care, passion and creativity are of the utmost importance at every step.  From art-directing, painting and hand-numbering - to our customers unrolling the print for the first time. Every step is linked by FANS of what is being created.

The next chapter is REALLY exciting.  Jump on board. Newsletter Subscribers get to see art before anyone else plus receive discounts and exclusives. Sign up here and receive 15% off your first order.  

James, Head-Geek at Moor-Art


Our Statement of Intent

We champion the new wave of poster artists as well as established faves.

Through creating art for videogames in particular, we've opened up the thrill of print collecting to more people. We push to make premium art prints accessible to more people. We price our art lower than that of galleries offering comparable museum-grade quality prints, whilst making sure artists are fairly rewarded for their work. Plus we place an emphasis on frame-friendly sizes, saving costs of custom framing.

Alongside pop culture posters, we also release contemporary fine art prints from exciting new artists.  It’s an important mission statement of ours to diversify representation in the pop culture art scene.

We aim to make the hobby of collecting posters more environmentally sustainable. We use recycled and recyclable packaging, print on FSC Certified stock and minimise the environmental impact of shipping and all processes by neutralising our emissions through the monthly financial support of green initiatives. Other business impacts are carbon offset via 'Planet'.

See more about our Climate Commitments here


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Contact: info@moorartgalley.com


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