OFFICIAL 'John Carpenter's Halloween' Poster Collection

OFFICIAL 'John Carpenter's Halloween' Poster Collection

In celebration of the 1978 horror classic, John Carpenter's Halloween, Moor-Art Gallery is proud to present a collection of official and all-new museum grade Movie Posters and Prints from art created by visionary artists. 

Many of the posters are in the widely accepted collectible size of 24"x36" inches, and limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies, worldwide. Making them rare and stunning collectibles to cherish, spook, and thrill. Come home to one every night!

Artists involved:

Adam Stothard, Albert Collado , Attila Szarka, Dave O’Flanagan, Dark Inker, Edgar Asenscao, James Neal, Rich Davies, Ryan Button, Sarah Atwa and Straife01

All prints are available for pre-order NOW via the John Carpenter's Halloween Collection page



Originally curated for the Official Halloween ArtBook by Printed In Blood, the art presented has been approved by the original cast and International Compass Pictures. 

© 2022 Compass International Pictures, Inc, as commissioned by Licensee’s contractor Printed in Blood, © 2022 Printed In Blood, LLC All Rights Reserved. And sold on behalf of the artist with expressed permission.


PRE-ORDER - Expected to ship November 2023